XJ Modular Stubby Stinger Winch Bumper | With Mini Wings

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XJ Modular Stubby Stinger Winch Bumper | With Mini Wings | XJ (84-01)

The XJ Modular Stubby Stinger Winch Bumper with mini wings consist of a pre configured bumper made from multiple parts from our Stealth Modular Series. One part number gets you all these items.


All of our bumpers start off as a piece of 3/16″ cold rolled steel, pickled in  oil plate. These are then laser cut on a CNC Laser cutting machine. Why laser instead of plasma? Fit and finish! Laser cutting is a far superior machine for cutting bumpers. Cut quality is second to none.

After the laser, we press form all the facets with a CNC 300 ton press.  Next it is sent over to our welding department where one of our AWS certified welders MIG weld these in a precision made jig. This insures that our first and last bumper come out the exact same.

From there the bumper goes to our grinding department. This is a dirty job. Our grinders put great care into each and every part we manufacture.

Then back to the welding department to weld in D-ring mounts. Our D-ring mounts are CNC machined from billet cold rolled steel on a 3+2 axis HAAS milling center. Then back to the grinding department for one last sanding.

Now for our tubing. We only use high quality domestic DOM ( Drawn Over Mandrel) 1.75″x.125″. We would never even think of using HREW (Hot Rolled Electric Welded). Why? Simply strength. DOM is har stronger then HREW. Isn’t that what we are looking for?Strength. Hrew Has a tendency to dent and twist up. Nobody wants that.

This is when we perform a final inspection. Once it passes, our shipping department places all of the associated parts and hardware in boxes to ship out.

Proudly made in America by Americans right here in Illinois. Ships worldwide.  Email or call for shipping quote in areas outside of the continental United States Of America. Custom finishes can be ordered for an additional fee. Email or call for quote.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Email or call us for custom parts or laser cutting.



1 review for XJ Modular Stubby Stinger Winch Bumper | With Mini Wings

  1. Kevin (verified owner)

    Just finished installing the bumper. Very well made. The instructions were clear. Fast shipping too.

    Just finished installing the bumper. Very well made, with the exception of a small bend that had to be hammered out in order to get the bumper on the bracket. Fast shipping too.

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