ZJ Quarter Panel Armor | Rear | ZJ (93-98)




ZJ Quarter Panel Armor | Rear | ZJ (93-98)

Our ZJ Quarter Panel Armor has no rival. Your ZJ may be called boxy, but it actually has a light curve all over the Jeep. Some venders insist that you can get a 1/8 piece of metal to conform to the side of the Jeep, which is 18 gauge metal. Magical! Let’s be honest the only thing conforming is the Jeep.  This also puts unnecessary strain on the mounting fasteners.


First we only sect the best plate. USA made pickled in oil cold rolled steel. This is a stronger metal than hot rolled. And laser cuts nicely. Why laser cutting instead of plasma cutting? Fit and finish! Laser cutting is a far superior machine for cutting bumpers. Cut quality is second to none.

After plate selection we cnc laser cut the plate from our DXF files. Every part comes out the same.

Then the flat plates enter out CNC roller for proper rolling of the part to as close to factory specs as possible. This is an Ares exclusive.

If you choose to have a rub rail on it we got you covered. We only use high quality domestic DOM ( Drawn Over Mandrel) 1.75″x.125″. We would never even think of using HREW (Hot Rolled Electric Welded). Why? Simply strength. DOM is far stronger than HREW. Isn’t that what we are looking for? Strength. Hrew Has a tendency to dent and twist up. Nobody wants that. We use a piece of 1.75″ NC bent DOM tubing to help protect your Jeep. Check out our other ZJ Products.

Next to the shipping department. And soon to be in your garage waiting for you to install it. What are you waiting for?

Free shipping is only to the lower 48 states. If you are somewhere else. Contact us for a shipping quote.



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