XJ Front Fender Armor | Cherokee XJ | Jeep XJ 84-01




XJ Front Fender Armor | Cherokee XJ | Jeep XJ 84-01

XJ Front Fender Armor for your Cherokee or Comanche. A compliment For our rear armor. Look good on the trails knowing it can take a beating. 3 piece design. Upper lower and a reinforcement plate to help stiffen the armor up.

How Ares Fab makes all our XJ armor.

First  we only use cold rolled plate. It forms nicer and is a bit stringer then the hot rolled steel. Our laser cutter like the accuracy of the pickled in oil plate. Leaving a cut that is far superior to any other cut process. This is where we load the laser cutter with the plate. Why laser instead of plasma cutting. Easy. Quality. The cut edge is far superior then plasma. Leaving a cleaner edge and surface finish. Plus it is a cooler cut. While the actual cut is a higher temp. In fact so high that it cuts fast leaving a almost a nonexistent heat affected zone. That is why some places use a water cooling for plasma. This ends up rusting the part before you even get it. Forget that.  After the laser cutting we take the part and roll it through a CNC controlled roller. This way you get a piece of armor that fits the Jeep. Instead of making the Jeep fit the armor. AFter the rolling we load the CNC press brake with the rolled armor. Bending the final pieces to complete the look . Comes with stainless steel hardware. And as always with Ares Fab….MAde in America by Americans!