XJ Stubby Stinger Winch Bumper | Stealth | XJ (84-01)




XJ Stubby Stinger Winch Bumper –  Stealth  –  XJ (84-01)

XJ Stubby Stinger Winch Bumper is a much anticipated product in the Stealth series. We start off with a piece of 3/16 pickled in oil, cold rolled steel. It is then cut to shape on a CNC laser cutting table. From there is goes over to a CNC press brake where it is formed into a perfect shape. After that we take all the pieces plus the mounts and a certified welder welds them all together. D-rings are CNC machined form 1″ cold rolled steel. Then welded to the front and back of the bumper. Making them super secure.  Includes: All bumper mounting hardware. Frame Tie in brackets. Winch sandwich plate is included. Comes in bare steel. Winch and D-rings sold separately.

As for the Stinger. It is a bolt on. Yes a bolt on.  The mounts encapsulates the bumper ends and bolts to the side of the bumper using the same holes as the bumper to tie in mounts. This is a super strong set up. How strong. It is just as strong as if the bumper was not there. Tubing is made of 1.75″ DOM tubing. Only the best here.

Comes in 2 boxes and can be order without stinger or stinger by itself encase you bought the bumper before and are looking for a stinger.

Free shipping to the lower 48 states. Otherwise contact us for a shipping quote.