About Ares Fabrication

Ares Fabrication is a manufacturing shop dedicated to building high quality Jeep accessories that are handmade in the USA. We create something from nothing. We start with an idea, many of which come from bad reviews from other products. We take what works and add our own flavor before sprinkling a little sugar on it to make an Ares Fabrication product.

We are always building new products, so if you don’t see something you want, chances are we are building it. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

You shouldn’t pay good money for something that won’t fit on your Jeep. Our accessories work with one another, so you will never buy a product from us that doesn’t work on another item you already bought. Simply put: our stuff works with our stuff. Eventually, there may be something that won’t work with another product, but we will be sure to let you know.

We don’t believe in form over function. Function needs to come first, but we aim to make it look good too. Although we do manufacturing work instead of custom work, we have no problem taking one of our off the shelf products and modifying it to your needs.

Quality Guarantee

Some companies insist on using less advanced technology, like plasma cutters that are great for garage work, on their products and then charging the same as a top notch quality manufacturer would charge.  We realize that plasma cutters are not the best method for creating a product that we would feel comfortable using or recommending. Instead, we aim to create a better, stronger, and more durable product.

We use cutting-edge technology like CNC press breaking and laser cutting. Even the materials we use are high quality. Our cold rolled steel is stronger and has a higher tensile strength than hot rolled. We also use steel that is pickled in oil because it is better in quality, which helps it weld and bend better.

Despite the fact that we use these cutting-edge technologies, we still strive to offer prices that individuals can afford.

Pricing Promise

We take pride in producing top quality Jeep accessories while also offering them at affordable prices. Our prices are so low that there is no need for a sale; we already offer our competitor’s sales’ prices or lower.

We know that our customers might not be able to wait for a special sale like Black Friday. For that reason, we offer low prices all year long.

Off-Road Jeep Products – Made in the USA